ICAN 5: Coastal Atlases as Engines for Coastal & Marine Spatial Planning, Oostende, Belgium, Aug/Sep 2011

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The 5th International Coastal Atlas Workshop (ICAN 5) was held at UNESCO IOC IODE headquarters, 31 August to 2 September 2011, Oostende, Belgium, in advance of CoastGIS 2011. The theme was Coastal Atlases as Engines for Coastal & Marine Spatial Planning.

This workshop followed on 2009’s successful workshop ICAN 4: “Formalizing the Network, Engaging the Mediterranean, held at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, UNESCO University, Trieste, Italy, in November 2009, as well as three previous workshops held in 2006, 2007 and 2008 in Cork, Ireland, Oregon, USA and Copenhagen, Denmark respectively. The ICAN 5 workshop was sponsored in part by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), with additional support from IODE, the Coordination Centre for ICZM, Belgium, the Coastal and Marine Research Centre (CMRC), Ireland, the EU funded projects NETMAR and C-Scope and the Coastal and Marine Union (EUCC).

ICAN 5 focused on coastal web atlases as engines that support and drive the coastal/marine spatial planning (CMSP) process, primarily in northern and southern Europe, the US, the Caribbean, and Africa. Participants shared progress on national and regional-level efforts to improve and build atlases in support of new national and regional CMSP directives. Participants in the meeting:

  • Explored the current and future potential of coastal web atlases (CWAs) for coastal and marine spatial planning.
  • Heard updates on recent relevant initiatives and meetings at which ICAN members presented and participated.
  • Experienced a small “workshop within a workshop” on atlas use and evaluation and how atlases can be used effectively in ICZM and MSP.
  • Experienced a small “workshop within a workshop” for atlas administrators on how to become a new node in the ICAN interoperability prototype.
  • Presented and discussed progress of the EU FP7 funded NETMAR project and how its technical advances can support ICAN goals in regard to interoperability of distributed web atlases (including controlled vocabularies and semantic web methodologies).
  • Reviewed and refined the governance structures and development of an action plan for future ICAN activities.

The workshop was also an occasion to launch the latest version of De KustAtlas, Belgium’s CWA, and to celebrate the publication of the new ICAN book Coastal Informatics: Web Atlas Design and Implementation.

A number of rooms were blocked at Hotel Bero in Oostende.

There was no registration fee for this ICAN event, but those interested in participating and assisting with the logistics of organising the event, made provisional registration via the IODE web site by Friday, June 3, 2011.

ICAN 5 was co-organized by Prof. Dawn Wright of Oregon State University, USA, Dr. Ned Dwyer of the Coastal and Marine Research Centre, Ireland, Kathy Belpaeme of the Co-ordination Centre for Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Belgium, and Roger Longhorn of Compass Informatics Ltd. and IODE, Belgium

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