ICAN Workshop 1 July 24-28, 2006: Potentials and Limitations of Coastal Web Atlases, Cork, Ireland

In this first of two Trans-Atlantic workshops, expert delegates examined the current situation by studying a broad variety of existing coastal web atlases from Europe and the US. The various common issues were identified and discussed (e.g., institutional support, atlas design and usability, data accessibility, data and metadata compatibility, web-based tools for decision-support, etc.). At this workshop, the Marine Irish Digital Atlas was also officially launched.

ICAN 1 Programme

ICAN 1 Participants

ICAN 1 Presentations - Introduction

ICAN 1 Presentations - Atlas Case Studies

ICAN 1 Presentations - Atlas Issues

ICAN 1 Biological Data Intrgration (BIDI) Project and Arc Marine Discussion

American participation was funded by the National Science Foundation. Hosting of the event was sponsored partly by the Coastal and Marine Resources Centre as well as the Marine Institute's Marine RTDI Networking and Technology Transfer Initiative under Ireland's National Development Plan.

Host: Coastal and Marine Resources Centre, University College Cork, IRELAND

Location: University College Cork campus

Organizers and Sponsors

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Join us in Santa Marta, Colombia!

The ICAN 8 workshop: Coastal Web Atlases – Enhancing Ocean Literacy, Santa Marta, Colombia, 11-12 September 2017 will explore how a coastal web atlas (CWA) can contribute to and support ocean literacy initiatives and will examine the role of CWAs in advancing ocean literacy with different audiences. Ocean literacy is the understanding of the ocean's influence on you and your influence on the ocean