July 16-20, 2007: Coastal Atlas Interoperability (main program, July 17-19), Corvallis, Oregon, USA

In this follow-up workshop to the Cork gathering in 2006, expert delegates examined a variety of experiences in coastal mapping to build a common approach to managing and disseminating coastal data, maps and information, including steps toward an agreement on initial common ontologies and controlled vocabularies. The purpose of these is to facilitate better database searches between atlases in Europe and North America. Final recommendations will be made available online to the research community. Presenters included Luis Bermudez and Stephanie Watson of the Marine Metadata Interoperability project.

Major goals of this workshop included:
- 1 Gaining an understanding of controlled vocabularies (CVs)
- 1.1 Introduction to CVs and ontologies
- 1.2 Hands on experience with common tools constructing and mapping vocabularies
- 2 Start developing our own CVs
- 2.1 Ireland
- 2.1.1 Present an Irish coastal CV in an ontology.
- 2.2 Oregon
- 2.2.1 Present an Oregon coastal CV in an ontology.
- 3 Make Oregon and Irish vocabularies interoperable
- 3.1 Approach - mapping themes together
- 3.2 Approach mapping them to a central ontology (less intrusive)
- 4 Linking with broader networks (e.g., international coastal atlas network)
- 4.1 Start developing an international coastal atlas ontology.
Super encompassing ontology for Ireland and Oregon
- 4.2 Align Irish coastal atlas with the international coastal atlas ontology
- 4.3 Align Oregon coastal atlas with the international coastal atlas ontology
- 5 Enough to write proposal to go further
- 5.1 Guarantee that participants understand:
- 5.1.1 What controlled vocabularies are
- 5.1.2 What ontologies are
- 5.1.3 How they solve semantic interoperability issues
- 5.1.4 Tools that exist
- 5.1.5 How to use the created mappings

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