Membership in ICAN is open to all interested parties, including organizations with an operational coastal web atlas, as well as individuals or organizations hoping to design and build a coastal web atlas in the future. Those working in academia, local, state, and federal governments, ocean observing system projects, non-profit organizations, and conservation groups have all expressed interest in ICAN and are encouraged to participate.

For background on ICAN, interested parties should first review:

The growth of the ICAN network has been the result of the time, creativity, and commitment of its members. By joining ICAN, we encourage members to become active in promoting the advancement of coastal web atlases in their own geographies and across the globe. Ways in which members of the ICAN network can contribute to its success include:

  • placing the ICAN logo prominently on your atlas web site AND providing a link back to

  • collaborating on a wide range of ICAN projects and activities. This may include proposals for funding as appropriate opportunities arise, contributing expertise and/or tools for projects, developing best practices for coastal web atlases, participating in an ICAN working group, and promoting ICAN within your organization and partner networks

  • attending ICAN workshops or meetings as time, interest, and funding allow

  • raising awareness of ICAN and presenting ICAN-related activities at appropriate events as opportunities arise

  • implementing at present or at some point in the future an installation of OGC's Catalog Services for the Web (CSW), so as to eventually be federated globally, regionally or nationally (includes harvesting of your atlas' metadata)

  • posting a logo and summary details about your atlas project and personnel for inclusion in ICAN's member and expertise directories. The atlas summary should follow this template

  • informing ICAN’s Steering Group chair if you wish to withdraw your membership

To become a member of ICAN, or if you need more information or wish to be kept apprised of our progress, please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Newsletter, Vol, 8, Nr 1 - Now Available!

We are now entering our 8th year publishing the ICAN newsletter. Many thanks to our Editor Andy Sherin!

Please consider preparing an article for the next newsletter that will likely be published in the fall of this year.
Happy New Year!

Photos from CoastGIS 2018

Our friends from CoastGIS 2018 have posted a wonderful gallery of photos, including the recent ICAN mini-workshop:

See how many ICAN members you can spot!