ICAN is active on Twitter since August 2018  and has since gained 337 followers and while activity on social media varies and strongly relates to ICAN members taking part in events; ICAN gains on average 20 new followers and receives about 44 profile visits per month. The account reaches on average 4115 monthly tweet impressions, which refers to the number of times a tweet shows up in a twitter users timeline.

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Numerous ICAN tweets to date are relevant to the UN Decade of Ocean Science and support associated dissemination of information and engagement with relevant topics. ICAN twitter audiences are gender balanced with 59% of the ICAN audience identifying as female according to Twitter analytics from June 2019.

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In May 2019, in support of the 1st Global Planning Meeting of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development in Copenhagen ICAN generated 20 organic tweets with 17 specifically using the hashtag #OceanScience or #OceanDecade to encourage and disseminate event specific information in addition to relevant retweets from event participants that use twitter. ICAN in that month reached nearly 8000 tweet impressions, which refers to the number of times a tweet shows up in a twitter users timeline. In return the networks twitter account received 100 profile visits demonstrating interest of attendees in finding out more about the network.

Next Steps

ICAN commits to the continued retweeting of relevant content related to the Decade as well as tweeting original content accompanied by Decade Tags where appropriate.

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Photos from CoastGIS 2018

Our friends from CoastGIS 2018 have posted a wonderful gallery of photos, including the recent ICAN mini-workshop:

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