ICAN 9 Workshop Detailed Agenda

ICAN 9: Local to Global
Benefits of Coastal Web Atlas Sharing & Connectivity

September 27 - 29, 2021

2pm-5pm UTC

Workshop is FREE and available LIVE in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French

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**NOTE** All times are approximate, as organizers may need to adjust the agenda as circumstances arise.


Session I: Sept 27th

Coastal Atlas Community

Monday September 27, 14:00 UTC

Aiming to introduce new and established resources and connect with the wider coastal web atlas community

David Hart, University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute
Ned Dwyer, Randbee Consultants

Part I

(90 minutes)

  • 14:00 UTC - Welcome & Housekeeping

  • 14:05 UTC - Discussion with Marina Psaros
    The Atlas of Disappearing Places

  • 14:35 UTC - Panel Session

    • Conor Delaney
      European Atlas of the Seas

    • Lory Cary-Kothera
      NOAA Digital Coast

    • Anja Kreiner
      Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem

    • Carolina García Valencia
      Caribbean Marine Atlas 2

  • 14:54 UTC - Panel Discussion, Moderator: David Hart

  • 15:30 UTC - Break - 15 Minutes

Part II

(75 minutes)

  • 15:45 UTC -Welcome Back - Ned Dwyer

  • 15.48 UTC - Matt Gummery
    Global Fishing Watch

  • 16:01 UTC - Fabian Reith
    Global NBS Atlas

  • 16:06 UTC - Marie-Michelle Simard
    Development of the Canadian Marine Spatial Planning Atlas

  • 16:11 UTC - Silvia Sartor
    Santos Web Atlas: Tool for integrated management: from academic data to practical knowledge

  • 16:16 UTC Robert Devoy and Sarah Kandrot
    Coastal Atlas of Ireland

  • 16:29 UTC - Will Bartsch
    The Minnesota Natural Resource Atlas: Making Spatial Data Accessible

  • 16:34 UTC - David Hart
    Enhancing the Wisconsin Coastal Atlas as a Resource to Support Adaptive Coastal Management

  •  16:47 UTC Session I Wrap-up - Ned Dwyer


Session II: Sept 28th

Atlases, the UN Decade & the SDGs

Tuesday September 28, 14:00 UTC

Aiming to explore how Coastal Web Atlases can contribute to and link in with the UN Decade of Ocean Sciences and the Sustainability Goals

Andrew Sherin, former Director, COINAtlantic
Kate Sullivan, Professor of Anthropology, California State University Los Angeles

Part I

(85 minutes)

  • 14:00 UTC - Welcome & Housekeeping - Andrew Sherin

  • 14:05 UTC - Francisco Arias Isaza, Director General, INVEMAR, Columbia
    UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

  • 14:20 UTC - Leila Brito Neves and Martin Visbeck, Cabo Verde Ocean Decade Committee
    Digital Twins of the Ocean UN Decade Programme

  • 14:35 UTC - Jan Newton, Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems , USA
    NANOOS as a Nexus Organization in the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

  • 14:50 UTC - Brianna Bambic, Program Manager, Field Engagement Allen Coral Atlas
    Allen Coral Atlas: A new tool for coral conservation

  • 15:05 UTC - Dr. Britt Alexander, Science Officer, European Marine Board
    European Marine Board contributions to the Ocean Decade

  • 15:20 UTC - Wrap-up Part I - Kate Sullivan

  • 15:25 UTC - Break - 15 Minutes

Part II

(80 minutes)

  • 15:40 UTC -Welcome Back - Kate Sullivan

  • 15:45 UTC - Panel Session

    • Stan Johnson, CEPI Coordinator
      Bras D’Or Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative

    • Carolina García Valencia
      INVEMAR, Caribbean Marine Atlas 2

    • Silvia Sartor
      Santos Web Atlas

    • Dr. Evan Andrews, Too Big To Ignore
      Blue Justice

    • Matthew Gummery
      Global Fishing Watch

    • Mirella de Oliveira Leis,
      Ocean Frontier Institute Knowledge Mobilization

  • Panel Discussion

  • Audience Discussion

  • Session II Wrap-up - Andrew Sherin


Session III: Sept 29th

Sharing your Atlas with the World

Wednesday September 29, 14:00 UTC

Aiming to explore how Atlases can share their content more effectively and
make connections to the OceanInfoHub project

Adam Leadbetter, Data Management Team Leader, Marine Institute, Ireland
Lucy Scott, Ocean InfoHub Project Manager

Part I

(80 minutes)

  • 14:00 UTC - Welcome & Housekeeping - Adam Leadbetter

  • 14:05 UTC - Mitchell Harley
    CoastSnap - A Community Beach Monitoring Project

  • 14:20 UTC - Ben Skinner
    Components of the Strait of Georgia Data Centre

  • 14:35 UTC - Tanya Haddad
    Data Sharing in the West Coast Ocean Data Portal

  • 14:50 UTC - Leonardo Arias
    Technical tools of the Caribbean Marine Atlas 2

  • 15:05 UTC - Terry Curran
    How the Strait of Georgia Data Centre was implemented in an Evolving Environment

  • 15:20 UTC - Wrap-up Part I - Adam Leadbetter

  • Break - 15 Minutes


Part II

(80 minutes)

  • 15:35 UTC - Welcome Back - Lucy Scott

  • 15:40 UTC - Adam Leadbetter
    High level introduction to Linked Data / structured data and Schema.org

    15:55 UTC - Lucy Scott
    High level introduction to Ocean Infohub and the Ocean Data and Information System as a use case

  • 16:05 UTC - Pier Luigi Buttigieg
    Creating an Inclusive Digital Commons for Ocean Science and Sustainable Development

  • 16:15 UTC - Adam Leadbetter
    Review of technology stacks used by the ICAN community

  • 16:20 UTC - Adam Leadbetter
    Fitting Schema.org into your technology stack

  • 16:30 UTC - Doug Fils
    Ocean Infohub Spatial Maps Pattern

  • 16:45 UTC - Invited Interventions and Open Discussion

  • 16:55 UTC - Session III Wrap-up, Lucy Scott

  • 17:00 UTC - Adjourn - thank you for attending ICAN 9!


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