On 31 July 2012, the Taoiseach [Prime Minister of Ireland], Enda Kenny, launched an integrated marine plan titled “Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth”. Of interest to ICAN members is the inclusion in the plan of actions for developing marine Information and Communication Technologies and Marine Spatial Planning. For more information on the plan visit: http://www.ouroceanwealth.ie/Pages/default.aspx

The Coastal Marine Research Centre (CMRC) at University College Cork, home to our Irish ICAN members, responded to the plan by saying “CMRC is well placed to play a part in implementing the plan’s goals. Over the last ten years we have augmented research expertise in the chief sectors outlined in the plan, principally fisheries, tourism, oil and gas, renewable ocean energy and marine technology.”

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Photos from CoastGIS 2018

Our friends from CoastGIS 2018 have posted a wonderful gallery of photos, including the recent ICAN mini-workshop:

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